W 26- Winter always turns to Spring

Embrace your dreams! Aloha🌼🌸🌻

Everyone can rise above their circumstances & achieve success if they are dedicated to & passionate about what they do. ~ Nelson Mandela

2 greatest gifts from you to you?
Let go of other’s ideas.
Listen to your heart.

Mahalo! Beautiful week ahead everyone!🌼🌸🌻


Very busy week for me.  Very grateful for all the tools we have from MKE.  I am really enjoying going back and starting from the beginning for MK.  I am amazed how much more I understand and the realization of how far I have come.

My home seems to be settling into my new me.  My sons had a great week (no arguing), my daughter is super excited to go on her class trip to Disney World.

This coming week will be a test for me, as my daughter is going away to college in August.  The house will be different while she is in Disney. Senior year is so crazy busy.  I am missing the webbies but am grateful for the time I have to get things done for her.

Loving the Scroll this month. I didn’t realize we are the only creature that can laugh. Sad for all…

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