I Shine, You Shine

Let’s Shine☀️Comrades☀️ #Mahalo #PeaceBeTheJourney

Lifting the Veil on Forgiveness~5th Dimensional Consciousness

So how do you do that. You do that by looking back from where you began to what has change to the present. By looking too far ahead you fail to see the growth that has transpired and you can quickly get discouraged, feeling like change will never happened.

According to Gregory Ciotti’s article, How our Brain Stops Us Achieving Our Goals and How to Fight Back, retrieved from  https://goo.gl/9lAOBc  your brain procrastinates on big projects by visualizing the worst parts and is better remembering things that are partially done. At the first sign of distress your brain will “abandon ship”. Psychologists have observed that you are much more likely to abandon your goals if you have missed a previous goal, thus creating a habit.  In order to avoid this cycle you must form a new habit, one that teaches your subconscious to “do it now“.  A new habit that motivates you to complete the goals you have set for yourself.




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