Week 8 – Battleship breakdown – peeling back the layers with imagination

Capturing Thoughts

“Successful men make it their business to hold ideals of the conditions which they wish to realize.  They constantly hold in their mind the next step necessary to the ideal for which they are striving.  Thoughts are the materials with which they build, and the imagination is their mental workshop.  Mind is the ever-moving force with which they secure the persons and circumstance necessary to build their success structure, and imagination is the matrix in which all great things are fashioned.”Hannel, C., The Master Key System.

As we become adults our imagination becomes suppressed, stifled even, but here Hannel reminds us that imagination is fundamental to create “great things”.

Being the mother of two one of my children’s favourite things to do is to tell bedtime stories.  My 14 year old, not so much now (but he still listens). However, my 9 year old, loves story time.  His favourites though…

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