World Population Day spotlights needs of women and girls in emergencies

United Nations Youth!

Youth should contribute in the building and designing of their future! On today’s July 11th World Population Day, there are still close to 60 million people who have been forcibly displaced from their homes by conflict and disasters in almost every part of the world. Most of them are women and children. The life of every woman and every girl is so precious, under any circumstance and at all time!

World Population Day spotlights needs of women and girls in emergencies.

This year’s WPD2015, World Population Day, focused attention on vulnerable populations in emergencies – particularly women and adolescents, whose specific needs are too often overlooked in humanitarian responses. But women and young people are more than simply vulnerable populations. When supported, they can help their communities recover and thrive tremendously.


Ensuring young people’s access to and education on sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights is a big part of achieving sustainable development. They are the future and we want a future where every young person can reach their full potential.

Thanks to UNFPA Viet Nam_Quỹ dân số Liên Hợp Quốc, 3000 young people took part in first flash mobs across Viet Nam to raise awareness about sexual and reproductive health with dignity and respect through more useful information and knowledge to protect themselves.


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