Inner Quest

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. ~ Frederick Douglass

Boy’s ‘Humans of New York’ image helps raise more than $1 million –

One precious life…

“See my August 2014 interview on InnerQuest with Jay Stone and
my upcoming classes at Infinity Foundation. (full video here)

We have this one precious human life before us. It stretches out as so many years, so many opportunities to act, to experience, to be in relationship with those we love.

What is my human life about?
Why have I made the choices I’ve made?
How shall I spend this one precious life?

You must answer these questions for yourself, but you need not do it alone.

I’m delighted to have had this wide-ranging conversation with Jay Stone of InnerQuest about my upcoming programs at Infinity Foundation, my work, and the new emerging consciousness. You can learn more about my work at
I am featuring five new programs for Spring 2015, from an integral spirituality workshop at Infinity Foundation to an awesome exploration of “group mysticism.” Check them out on my Upcoming Events tab, under Resources.”

Bill Epperly, PhD

Integral Coaching | Mindfulness | Spiritual Direction

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